Bramble Scramble

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name Krazy Kremland
Level name Bramble Scramble
Previous level Target Terror
Next level Rickety Race

Difficulty: 8/10


Warpless videos


  • 00:12 The most important factor for the IDs is to load the invincibility barrel while the hook is still loaded, before loading the beetle. Take the climb slowly to ensure everything is correct.
    • Note that a more optimal climb where you load the beetle faster than shown may mess up the IDs, but only if you chose to perform the method of clash explained below.
  • 00:21 Position yourself in the "Kipples_ Korner_". This will make your jump into the corner of the top bramble the same every time, making the clash more consistent.
    • Make Sure you jump as deep in the corner of the bramble as possible. This is because you need to land on the small slope in the top bramble's hitbox.
  • You want to clash (quickly let go and repress Y) right when Dixie automatically turns around. This would be at the slope of the top bramble's hitbox. Keep in mind that you have to be falling to get the clash.
    • Let go of the D-pad while performing the clash. This may help with timing.
  • Slightly stall at the plank at 00:24 to correctly set the camera for the Krook.
  • Hit the hook back to the Krook when he throws it, then simply jump through him to kill him, or jump over him. This is necessary for the correct IDs.


  • 0:06 Moonwalk to skip waiting for the bees.
  • 0:09 Make sure to climb the vine fast enough so you load the invincibility barrel while the Krook's hook is still out.
  • 0:16 The frame window for the clash varies depending on where you jumped from the brambles. Consistency of your initial jump is key to consistently getting the clash.

Extra Wrong Warp info

Things That Matter

  • The most important thing is to spawn the invincibility barrel before the beetle while the hook is still loaded so the IDs are correct. You can go slower and still get correct IDs, but it will cost a few seconds over a fast vine climb.
  • 0:00 Setup for if you get the wrong ID on the beetle. You need to recognize that you did the climb incorrectly which is fairly difficult (sometimes a "bad" vine climb still loads correct ids).
  • 0:40 Proper movement through the post-clash section is very important, as there are small movement errors that can mess with the IDs of the final objects. There are 2 ways to move through this section; by either doing a small hop (full jump will ruin IDs) through the hook or by jumping over him. Both ways will guarantee the box and bonus have the required IDs.
  • 1:28 The beetle can live from the clash and you must make sure he dies before you proceed.

Wrong Warp Backup


  • If you miss the clash on your first try, don't worry there's still a way to save it.
  • The video above demonstrates that even if your invincibility runs out you can get over the Krook. The important part of this is to wait until the Krook's hook returns to him, decreasing the hitbox around him and making the jump to get over him much easier.
  • If you don't wait to for the hook to return, the jump over him is possible but much tighter.

slow climb backup

  • If you fail the moonwalk you can still jump over the bees although this is really tight.
  • If you have a really slow climb and you're convinced the ids are messed up you can save it by despawning / respawning the squawks box
  • If you were high enough to load the invincibility barrel before he caught the hook you can continue the warp like normal.
  • the barrel loads way earlier than you think so you must be absolutely sure your climb was slow to use this backup