Castle Crush

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name K.Rool's Keep
Level name Castle Crush
Previous level Windy Well
Next level Clapper's Cavern


  • No Wrong Warp: 2/10
  • Wrong Warp: 5/10


Castle Crush wrong warp


  • Throw Up + Left.
  • Let the level kill the first enemy to reduce lag.
  • Perform a small jump and glide as a backup for when the Kutlass is baited really far to the left (since you won't have enough invulnerability frames to follow the tape).

Castle Crush wrong warp Tutorial /w visual cues

Legacy cc / Twig's Tutorial


  • Killing enemies lags the crush for 2 frames and putting the barrel down lags the crush for 1 frame. If it's not required to kill an enemy for more serious lag reduction, it's best to let the enemy die on it's own.
  • You can reduce lag by killing the Spinys before jumping onto the goal.
  • Make sure Dixie is positioned correctly after Diddy is killed. If Dixie isn't far enough left, she'll be crushed by the invisible ceiling before she can jump onto the goal.