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(Winky's Walkway)
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===Reptile Rumble===
===Reptile Rumble===
===Coral Capers===
===Coral Capers===
[[File:Coral_corner1.jpg|px 200]]
===Barrel Cannon Canyon===
===Barrel Cannon Canyon===
===Very Gnawty's Lair===
===Very Gnawty's Lair===

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Kongo Jungle

Jungle Hijinxs

Normal Extendo Tutorial

1-1 normal extendo.jpg

Double Extendo Tutorial


Ropey Rampage

1-2 roll bonus.jpg

Reptile Rumble

Coral Capers


px 200

Barrel Cannon Canyon

Very Gnawty's Lair

Monkey Mines

Winky's Walkway


Wilky extendo.jpg

Mine Cart Carnage

Bouncy Bonanza

Stop & Go Station

Millstone Mayhem

Necky's Nuts

Vine Valley

Vulture Culture

Tree Top Town

Forest Frenzy

Temple Tempest

Orang-utan Gang

Clam City

Bumble B Rumble

Gorilla Glacier

Snow Barrel Blast

Slipslide Ride

Ice Age Alley

Croctopus Chase

Torchlight Trouble

Rope Bridge Rumble

Really Gnawty Rampage

Kremkroc Industries

Oil Drum Alley

Dont Die


Trick Track Trek

Elevator Antics

Poison Pond

Mine Cart Madness

Blackout Basement

Boss Dumb Drum

Chimp Caverns

Tanked Up Trouble

Manic Mincers

Misty Mine

Loopy Lights

Platform Perils

Necky's Revenge

Gangplank Galleon