Forest Frenzy

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Vine Valley
Level name Forest Frenzy
Previous level Tree Top Town
Next level Temple Tempest


  • Safe: 1/10
  • Optimal: 6/10
  • 101%: 4/10
  • 101% SJR: 6/10
  • No Major Skips: 4/10

All Stages

Safe SuperJump

To do the superjump:

  • Get hit by the Kremling while Diddy is still next to the wall. This will cause him to jump to the top of the screen.
  • Grab the barrel and retrieve Diddy. You may pick it up before you actually see Diddy jump up all the way. This is fine.
  • Ride the rope to the next platform and run Donkey into the next Kremling. As soon as he gets hit, hold down B+Y.
  • Fall straight down and then immediately walk off the platform onto the next Kremling. Make absolutely sure you touch the ground before bouncing.
  • This will start the superjump.
  • You will pass by a swarm of bees, the halfway barrel, a rope, a DK barrel and then a Kremling. When this Kremling reaches the left edge of the screen, let go of B. Do not let go of Y or right at all.

Optimal Superjumproll 4 krem

  • Get hit by the Kremling at 0:14s while diddy is hugging the wall. This sets up the Superjump glitch
  • Let go of Y as you're going up there to not grab the dk barrel instantly. This prevents the kremling from dying
  • You'll want to do a double jump on the rope just after the bee to properly get the SJR. Both jumps are needed on the rope to execute the trick.
  • After you take damage on the Kremling the superjump activates. This means you cannot let go of B anymore or you will lose it.
  • Run until the edge of the platform and press Y just as you hit the kremling This is a frame perfect window and you need to do this while holding B
  • After you press Y the superjumproll activates and you instantly turn left to kill the back kremlings for speed.
  • If you are late on the Y press you will get a normal superjump (complete the level like the safe version) if you're early, you will die.
  • After you kill the kremlings for speed go back right and continue until the 7 yellow bees at 30s. You will want to release the buttons on the controller just after the 6th bee (see the input display)
  • This trick saves 18s or so over safe route. Being late and getting the superjump is 2s slower than the safe route.




  • This video has commentary explaining some things
  • The cue to release B for this superjump is when the DK barrel before the Kremling reaches the left edge of the screen.
  • You will need to fall into the bonus barrel, which is under the screen just near the sixth bird. If you can't see it the lip of the barrel on your TV, make sure you start counting the birds.
  • To reach the barrel above the screen at the end, you will need to bounce on the Kremling when he is at the highest point of his jump. If you don't reach it, double back and grab the barrel out of the ground next to the first Kremling and use it to break the wall. If you lose the barrel, there is no other way to reach the bonus game, so be very careful with it.



  • Super Jumproll
  • This video has commentary explaining where to let go of B during your sjr
  • because you wont do the sjrs the EXACT same way every time, practicing this is quite important. Dieing missing the bonus after getting the sjr is terrible
  • If you want to play it safe you can release B a little bit later and this will put you higher up giving you more birds to roll threw before landing into the bonus

No Major Skips


  • At :35 you will want to begin infinite rope climbing (hold down on d-pad while mashing jump) right before you reach the bee. If you attempt this any earlier, you will jump into the bee. This sets up what is known as "rope skip," which is by no means anything major, so you don't need to sweat it my dude, it's cool. I swear. Once the rope stops, you will want to jump off it and hold Y as you fly to the next rope. As soon as you grab the next rope you'll want to immediately jump off of it towards the next rope after that.