Gusty Glade

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name Gloomy Gulch
Level name Gusty Glade
Previous level Haunted Hall
Next level Parrot Chute Panic


  • Safe: 4/10
  • Optimal: 7/10




  • The wind can be used to your advantage in this level. An example being the 3 first pits of the level; by letting yourself fall a little longer, you can get a bigger wind push onto the platform.



  • At 0:10, do not grab the chest before starting your roll (Saves ~.25s).
  • At 0:16, roll over the pillars, instead of jumping on all of them. This is deceptively hard since the edges of the pillars can eat your rolls.
  • At 0:31 is the Rolly Roll. After jumping to the ledge with the DK barrel, momentarily let go of Y and then press it again when you're close to the ledge (Saves ~.4s).
    • On failure, use either the DK barrel (if you rolled too early) or the chest (too late) to quickly dispatch a Kutlass and keep moving.
  • At 0:43, do not switch to Dixie for the final glide. Instead, team throw her into the barrel, allowing you to finish the stage with Diddy and to perform a Goal Swap (Saves over 1s).


  • Kipples Chestless can save minimal time if you pull it off optimally.
  • With good jumps and wind usage, you can skip the 3rd rat entering the pillars section. It is pretty precise and not recommended (Saves ~.25s).
  • Rat Roll saves the same amount of time as Fat Roll.
  • The pillars can be done in various ways, all being the same speed.
  • Alternate way to take the rat pillars. saves -0.1s over jumping on rat 2,3 and 4.