Kremwood Forest 103

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World Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3
World name Kremwood Forest
Optimal time N/A
Previous world Lake Orangatanga
Next world Mekanos

Barrel Shield Bust-Up


  • Bear coins count : 9
  • In the banana bonus, try to turn around at the moment they appear. Your hurtbox will be on both sides of the rope at the same time, giving you more space to cover (a bit).
  • Speaking of which, the throw to get to the bonus sucks. Place yourself at the box in the background and just throw up-right.

Riverside Race


  • Bear coins count: 10
  • Getting everything in one go is hard, as there is no place for huge mistakes.
  • In the first bonus, I chose Dixie since she can cover the aerial space above the water easily. Plus swapping in water is fast.

Squeals on Wheels


  • Bear coins count: 10
  • Swapping takes a long time for the banana bonus, since you still need Kiddy after. It’s up to you if you want to take that chance. Otherwise, just wait for them to appear before jumping.

Quick Swap

  • You can skip the swapping animation by pressing Start and Select at the same time (probably frame perfect) and then pressing select again to exit the level. If you nail the trick, rolling into the warp barrel is faster than throwing Kiddy.
  • This saves about 0.9 to 1 second.

Springin' Spiders


  • Bear coins count: 11
  • This stage takes a bit of practice, as it is quite technical.
  • Don’t forget to talk to Brash after!

Bobbing Barrel Brawl

Standard Route


  • Bear coins count: 12
  • You can skip all water pond, it's not too hard

Updated Standard Route


  • The movement in this route is a bit more optimal than the old video.
  • When you are an animal buddy and you take damage while jumping, there is a small windown where you can jump again if you repress B. This is used to get faster into the second bonus

Ellie Skip


  • Bear coins count: 12
  • This is extremely difficult, do not go for it unless you're confident.
  • Hold left when in the barrel, and as soon as you go out of the barrel, release so that you are facing the left direction without moving. At the top of your jump, hold Right to go to the ledge, team up as soon as you land on the ledge and throw up as soon as possible.

Ellie Skip Updated Route


  • This route has more optimal movement after you skip your Elephant, compared to the old video.
  • I used an easier Ellie Skip, explained on the video below. It's ~1 second slower than the old setup, use the one you're more confortable/consistent with.
  • You wanna avoid having both kongs on the second bonus since it lags the game a lot.

Ellie Skip Kiddy Route


  • Saves about 1-2 seconds over Dixie route.
  • Optimally, do the Banana Bird cave after the warp but before revisiting. This saves around 10 frames of overworld movement.
  • When entering the 1st bonus, hold Y but be neutral on the d-pad until you start the neutral roll. This will allow you to roll through the barrel for water bounces.
  • When water bouncing across the pond at 0:54, hold up to make sure you bonk into the right ledge. This bonk sets up the correct timing to roll under the red bee.
  • Slipping to the left of the bees before the Koin is tight. Make sure your movement leading up to it is clean or you will take damage.
  • When water bouncing across the pond starting at 1:13, hold left toward the end of the first bounce to avoid bonking the right ledge.

Easier Ellie Skip

  • Slightly slower but much easier Ellie skip.