Lockjaw's Locker

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name Gangplank Galleon
Level name Lockjaw's Locker
Previous level Gangplank Galley
Next level Topsail Trouble


  • Safe: 1/10
  • Optimal: 5/10






  • Getting the jump directly into the barrel is difficult and hard to be consistent at. Hence, this level has commonly been called "Luckjaw". It is still recommended to always go for it, as it will save ~2-3s if successful and failing will lose you ~1s over the safe method.
    • To perform the jump, press and hold right and Y once Diddy or Dixie lands onto the top barrel.
    • The idea behind the trick is to not let the Kong touch the borders when spinning down, because once you do, you cannot change your horizontal direction.
    • The motion then becomes Y+right... Y+left... Y+right->B
  • Not Goal Swapping (i.e., having Dixie out for the next level) sets you up for a Wrong Warp in Topsail Trouble.