Mainbrace Mayhem

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name Gangplank Galleon
Level name Mainbrace Mayhem
Previous level Pirate Panic
Next level Gangplank Galley


  • Safe: 0/10
  • Optimal: 4/10


The wrong warp route is intended for players who have some experience running the game already. Do not try if this is your first attempt!



Optimal (Wrong Warp)


  • Wrong Warp
  • Invisible Barrel
  • Beetle Clashing
  • The wrong warp will only save ~3s if done optimally and will lose 15s if failed. It is not recommended to go for this trick unless you are confident in your ability to land it!


  • Do not kill the first beetle in the stage.
  • Do not climb the rope too high, to avoid loading unnecessary sprites (might mess the IDs).
  • (Optional) When hitting the beetle on the top mainbrace, facing right just before can help keeping the camera right.
  • Optimally, you want to land close to the beetle and get a fast clash. The safer way would be to land further.
  • The final jump requires you to go far enough to the right to make the natural warp of the level be off-screen. Once it is done, you slightly come back to the left for the throw. Not coming back to the left results in the banana bundle in the ropes being registered as a sprite, ruining the setup.
  • If the setup was done properly, the window for the throw is easy to hit.