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IL Charts/Nico Communities

TAS videos


SNES Game Saver

DKC1 & 2 need a special code to make savestates work on the NakiTek Game Saver. After booting, press select on the "GAME SAVER" screen and enter the code 20000 in the first slot. The Game Saver does not work with DKC3.




Practice Hacks

Made by Total. These work as alternatives for a gamesaver if you use a flashcart.

Info : If you use the Save State function on the Practice Hack, your 102/103 Save will be lost (Issue with the 0.10 hack itself). To prevent that, you can slide the switch on the side of your SD Card to the bottom position. This will prevent any data to be written on the card and the Save State function will still work, keeping your save file intact.

Info: This is a Mashing Practice Rom made by Myself086 (Myself086#6680 on Discord). You can use any button. You can see hits and misses count. Counts reset if you didn't hit any button in the last 16 frames. Miss count is the amount of frames you didn't hit any button between first and last input. Holding a button doesn't count. Pressing 2 or more buttons on the same frame only counts for 1 hit.

This is emptysys Practice Rom that has changed several stages in order to practice Kong Movement, note that not all stages have been changed. Wad was injected by kalarse so you can use on a softmodded Wii.

Leaderboard Edit Tutorial

Why not? Because is everyday question (?), if you have issues with it you might need to check the Old tutorial

DKC2 Reference Documents

ILs In Top Runs is a document that pulls the IL times from 4 runs of "39 quality".

Estimated IW Times Chart is a document that uses the best golds (at the time of its creation) and estimates, based on % of the run, what kind of world times you should shoot for to achieve a given goal time.