Necky's Nuts

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Monkey Mines
Level name Necky's Nuts
Previous level Millstone Mayhem
Next level Vulture Culture


  • For this boss, simply time your jumps so that you land on Necky as soon as he shoots his coconut at you.
  • You will have Donkey Kong left over from the last stage in All Stages. This is fine, as Donkey is useful in the next level.
  • When Necky spawns high, getting optimal hits becomes very difficult. You can either take it a bit safe, or learn the technique for the optimal hits. How to hit Necky optimally during high spawns will change depending on which cycle he's on. The first 3 cycles are straight forward and just involves hovering over Necky's beak right as he shoots his nuts. If you get high spawns on the 4th and 5th cycle, it's important to follow through with your jumps and move towards him after hitting him to avoid taking damage as you hit him.
  • If you get a high spawn on the final cycle, you will lose a handful of frames due to Necky taking longer to fall to the ground after being defeated.


What are you doing here? Take the map warp!