Rocket Rush to Knautilus

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3
World name Krematoa
Level name Rocket Rush to Knautilus
Previous level Rocket Rush 103
Rocket Rush Beat Krematoa
Next level Knautilus

Difficulty: Boomer/10

Second Boomer Skip


  • After completing Rocket Rush, we need to revisit Boomber one last time, and perform another Boomer skip.
  • This skip can be frustrating, as it requires a frame perfect B button release while Kiddy is sitting on the floor.
  • Mashing B could increase the chances of getting this skip, but even the fastest mash would have around 1/4 of a chance of hitting this trick.
  • This skip saves ~18 secs. so it is definitely important for the category.

1-Tap Second Boomer Skip

  • If you don't feel comfortable mashing for the skip, you can attempt to hit the frame for it.
  • The way this trick works is pressing B on the fifth (or sixth) frame after Kiddy changed from walking to sitting on the floor, and releasing it on the seventh frame of the animation. Holding B the entire time and trying to release it on the frame doesn't seem to work.
  • Using the background music as a cue can be of help. Also waiting for Kiddy to finish walking and press B just a tiny bit after that, can also increase the chances to hit this.
  • Take a look a this image to see the frames we need to push and release B


  • Pay closer attention to the input display from the emulator. The Gamepad Viewer input display is there just to give an idea of the lenght of the button press and is not totally accurate.