Rope Bridge Rumble

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Gorilla Glacier
Level name Rope Bridge Rumble
Previous level Torchlight Trouble
Next level Really Gnawty Rampage


  • Safe: 6/10
  • Optimal: 8.5/10

All Stages



  • This route avoids all tire rolls, the extendo, and the backwards bounce off the Army at the end. Some of the rolls are in different places as a result.



  • To do the extendo at :23, release Y after the second guy and repress on the tire. If you realize you've mistimed it, you just have to jump right after rolling over the tire
  • The turn around right after the extended roll is done to manipulate the time that the platforms spawn on the screen. Failing to do so will make the jumps impossible without waiting for them to turn back around. After practice, you can do it very fast like shown in the video, but you can wait longer to start off.
  • You also need to quickly release and repress right on the D-pad before the second tire roll in order to make the jump.
  • To do the secton at :33, you will want to roll off the first tire right after it starts moving towards the right, which can be tricky to time. Then you'll need to jump and land low enough on the next tire platform so that you only land on the platform. While standing somewhere near the center, you will want to roll off the 2nd platform right before you reach the banana at the top of the screen
  • To make it under the bees at the end, you need to turn around before hitting the army as late as possible. If you get a good backboost, roll immediately. Slightly weaker and you need to step forward a bit. If you lose a lot of speed, don't try to go under the bees at all.

SJR setup


  • This won't work at all if you don't enter with Diddy already in front.
  • Saves ~8s but has a very costly setup time, so I'd only bother going for this if you're trying to take WR or have had a bad w4/missed frenzy sjr.
  • If you fail the setup it is recommended to grab the next DK barrel you come across.
  • If you lose diddy in torchlight it is still faster to re-enter and grab a kong to go for the sjr.