Rope Bridge Rumble

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Gorilla Glacier
Level name Rope Bridge Rumble
Previous level Torchlight Trouble
Next level Really Gnawty Rampage

Any% All Stages

Optimal Route:


  • To do the extendo at :23, release Y after the second guy and repress on the tire. If you fail it, you just have to jump at the end.
  • Mashing Y at the start helps if you miss the hit on the second guy often.
  • The about-face done before the two tire rolls under the Zingers is done to manipulate the time that the platforms spawn on the screen. Failing to do so will make the jumps impossible without waiting for them to turn back around.
  • You also need to quickly release and repress before the second tire roll in order to make the jump.
  • In order to make it under the bees at the end, you need to turn around before hitting the army as late as possible. Roll immediately.

Safe Route:


  • This route avoids all tire rolls, the extendo and the backwards bounce off the Army at the end. Some of the rolls are in different places as a result.


Coming soon!