Ropey Rampage

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Kongo Jungle
Level name Ropey Rampage
Previous level Jungle Hijinxs
Next level Reptile Rumble


  • Optimal: 2/10
  • No Major Skips: 4/10

All Stages



  • You'll need to do an extendo on the first Kritter in order to not lose height.
  • Make sure you roll before you reach the edge in the bonus game so that you do not waste time in the air.

First Bonus Roll Visual

1-2 roll bonus.jpg

Advanced Tutorial

No Major Skips


  • At :18, you will want to extendo through the krem and do a backboost off of the Army
  • At :23 you will want to do an extendo through this krem as well