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krow_b0t Command List

Use any of these in the chat:

  • !fakes
    • See how many fakes Krow will give you
  • !spawns
    • See what Krow2 spawns you'll get
  • !slots
    • Play the slots, see what prizes you get
    • 1 koin required to play slots
    • Slots prizes are stored for every player no matter the time length or if you leave chat
    • Broadcaster can enable or disable slots for a chat using !slots enable and !slots disable
  • !koins
    • Get koins by participating in chat!
    • Koins are stored for every user in chat
    • Check your koins by typing !koins
    • Check another users amount by typing !koins [username]
    • Broadcaster can give or take away koins by typing !koins give [username] [amount] (20 max) or !koins take [username] [amount]
  • !boi
    • See who is Krow's boi by typing this or !boi [username]
  • !quote
    • Pulls a random meme/quote
    • Broadcaster can !quote remove [number] find a quote number by typing !quote [number]
    • Broadcater/Mods can !quote add [quote]
  • !fans
    • See what happens
  • !help
    • Brings you here :]
  • rpc
  • bye
  • coffee
  • race
  • midpoint
  • djeez

Leaderboards Portal

Click on a game below to see all associated leaderboards!

Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Country 2

Donkey Kong Country 3

Donkey Kong Country Trilogy

To Do

  • Figure out where to put an "Events" section for weekly times
    • Maybe make a "community" page and split it from "Misc" for stream links/weekly times etc.
  • Figure out how to properly organize the 101/102 sections, seems like a mess right now
    • Delete 102 videos from the main Any% pages--make sure information matches 102 pages--makes sure links look good.
  • Check where formatting still might be needed
    • Check Warpless/Low% for DKC2
    • Check Any%/Visual Cues for DKC
  • Revisit "Misc" page and reorganize a little bit
    • Maybe add some things to Misc? Not sure what yet.
  • DKC2 shit to add:
    • Make Luke Topsail vid?
    • Add the Waffler or remake vid for TT?
    • Add new Hot Head Hop optimal
    • Luke slime (maybe)
    • New Bramble Blast strat
    • New Krow2 strat
    • New Rambi Rumble stuff? Idk
    • Add Dave backup in Blast (possibly, unless its already there)
    • All the new windy well stuff (add Nam vid/other vids)
    • New Mudhole stuff (fast WW/Super Sonic)
    • Revisit safe web woods
    • New warpless vids (most likely, at least add CLC)
    • Directions to hold on what barrels for Blast
    • Add backup strat info to Brambler (if you miss invinc time)
  • DKC3 vids/alt strats
    • Start adding more visual cues and stuff for certain strats (images)
  • Adding Gamesaver information to the "misc" page would be cool/code to use and that it doesn't work on DKC3.
    • Code 20000
  • Revisit glitch section maybe




SRL Weekly Races

To join, go to #speedrunslive on IRC and type .races to find the race channel if it's already up or join #dkc to find out when it gets made.

DKC Any% All Stages Weekly

This takes place every Saturday at 1pm PST, 10am EST.

DKC2 Any% Weekly

This takes place every Friday at 6pm PST, 9pm EST.

Contact Us

If you want to come chill with the DKC runners or have any questions on anything DKC related, come check us out!

IRC Channel

Channel: #dkc

Discord Server

Discord: here!

Upon entering you will only be able to chat. Wait for a mod to confirm you as a member of the community.

Mumble Server

Port: default

How to join the mumble server

  1. Install Mumble
  2. Open the Mumble Client Software
  3. Click "Server" -> "Connect" on the menu bar to open the "Mumble Server Connect" dialog window as shown in the next step.

Mumble 1.png

  1. Add the Server to your Favorites
    1. Enter a Label for the server such as "DKC Speedruns".
    2. Enter "" into the server address.
    3. Leave the port as the default one.
    4. Put in the username you are known as.
    5. Click "OK".

Mumble 2.png

  1. Connect to your server
    • Click on your newly created favorite and click "Connect".

Mumble 3.png

Runner Streams

If you're a runner of any of the DKC series games feel free to add your stream here and what game(s) you run!

Player Games Played DKC1-3 DKC1-3

Past Events

Donkey Festival 2014

King of Donkey Final Standings
Rank Player Points
1 Claude 42
2 Kipples 28
3 Hippie 26
4 Nocturne 24
5 Klosty 19
6 Djeez 18
7 theJUICE 17
8 DBJ 13
9 Morks 12
11 Mundungu 8
12 Leon 4
13 Supreme 4
14 Newpants 4
15 Garrison 4
16 Krauser 4
17 Cryptic 4
18 Lepinoch 3
19 PuchieDarcy 2
20 Prs 2


DKC Festival 2017

Top 20 Results

King of Donkey Final Standings
Rank Player Points
1 Claude 141
2 Kanis 138
3 kbz 134
4 V0oid 102
5 Eazinn 84
6 RaikouRider 70
7 newpant 64
8 NotFmayweather 63
9 Pichi 55
11 JustYourAverageDave 53
12 eLmaGus 52
13 mcill 44
14 Vayastrike 44
15 BluntBunny 43
16 Nocturne_ 40
17 puchiedarcy 40
18 SuiMind 37
19 Fathlo23 37
20 Joey 32



Donkey Kong Country 2 Tournament (2016)

Top 8

  1. fis0324
  2. V0oid
  3. waffle
  4. cryptonberry
  5. Kipples
  6. OtterLinks
  7. crismas
  8. namux

Grand Finals (Fis vs. V0oid)

Known Glitches

The start of my journey into making a glitches page... this will most likely be links to highlights of known glitches that are irrelevant to the run, YT vids or stuff I'll just make if I can. Softlocks or other weird stuff that happens in all three games. Might consider making this a main page linking to other pages.


  • Weird bugs and glitches not seen?
  • Softlocks?
  • I legit don't know much, I'll leave this up to Eaz/KBZ or others who want to help


  • Maybe Kleever glitch that happens when you drop the canon and it never spawns again


  • Belcha glitches/softlock
  • Spoderman softlock
  • K Rool softlock/glitch
  • 1 frame death in Bazuka (U only)
  • Fish Sign glitch (lmao, classic)
  • 103 Wrong warp shit
  • There's probably others I'm not thinking of right now

Marathon Runs

Get links to GDQ runs (going back deep) and add to community section