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Why did you convert all the times and dates back to what they were?!? That took me so long to convert everything to the more traditional date style! Is there something wrong with having things like that? Also, why is DKC2's "Any% Warpless" removed entirely? I think that should be a legit category.

But even then there are some people who give a time in the format that I wanted. Is there not some kind of flexibleness that can be made here? I mean, it really shouldn't be that big of a deal to be honest.

So any reason why are you editing No Skip to Warpless? We can't have two categories called Any% Warpless. That not only makes no sense but that is completely inconsistent with the naming. The run for No Skip doesn't skip Castle Crush or take warp barrels. Hence, 'No Skip'. Do you got a problem with that?