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Main Page and DKL


I have an issue with some main page stuff you've done. Mostly with the clutter adding every category causes. I don't think categories like Old Summon or True Ending have enough differences to warrant a full link on the main page, alongside actual fully-fleshed categories like Any All and 101%. Information on how to perform Old Summon warps would be greatly appreciated on the wiki however (or any actual content, like tutorials and IL videos, strategies, timesaves etc).

I think only cats with huge differences - aka those that would require different IL videos - should be featured on the main page (Any All, 101, 102, Warpless etc). Low% is arguable I guess, never was sure if it belonged there, but there was enough content made by Newpants and Claude (explanations, videos, alternate strategies...) to warrant a page somewhere at least.

Speaking of content, I don't think DKL should be sidelined under all the other games, since it has a fair amount of work that went into it by Wawlconut. I understand it is not a Country game, but the fact that what is taking its place is links to pages with little to no content, or just redirects to levels that can already be accessed from the main page, is what I disagree with.

I'm not gonna change anything, but I'd like you to consider this on your future edits.


Djeez (talk)

Additional Columns


Just echoing some of Djeez's suggestions. I noticed a whole bunch of new columns added for Land/GBA. To give some small background, Tropical Freeze/Returns and some of the Lands were added a bit ago then removed over time since there was no interest (minus Land). It's also why Land was added under DKC. There's a small amount of people who run those games, and it's taking up a lot of space on the main page. My suggestion would be to make a "Help Out!" page up top where "Leaderboards" etc. is so a kinda to-do list can be for those lesser run games to see if people will actually take an interest then those pages could be created later. For instance "Want to help out? We need the following to be done: Donkey Kong Land 2" and so forth so it's visible to all.

Minimal is best :)



Thank you both for sharing your opinions. I have just made more changes, hopefully they are to your liking.

My next goal is to go through the entire wiki and add things to the Things to Do page.



Things to do

My thoughts;

  • Try different colours for leaderboard

-->Please try and use less bright colors

  • Make a 'Races' page?

-->What would go on a page like this?



Yeah I agree the colours are too bright, that's what I want to fix.

The race page could include the dates and times of upcoming races and a link to the results of past races.