Barrel Drop Bounce GBA

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA)
World name K3
Level name Barrel Drop Bounce
Previous level Tearaway Toboggan
Next level Krack Shot Kroc




  • Much of this stage is skipped using a wall climb. As with Tracker Barrel Track, be careful when you get close to the next "floor", as the camera will try to scroll up. If you fall below the camera, the Kongs will no longer be teamed up.
  • At 0:13, if you jump before Kiddy has returned to you, the jump will be extra high.
  • At 0:30 you can hover below the barrel and be snapped up on the barrel. Try to not start your hover until the barrel is fully on screen, to avoid losing too much height.
  • At 0:37 Kiddy is thrown to get a higher jump (same principle as used at 0:13). This makes the subsequent wall climb much more lenient. Make sure to jump before Kiddy has returned to Dixie.
  • You can cancel a team up state quickly by rolling with Dixie while Kiddy is coming back to you. If possible, try to jump out of the roll afterwards.



  • Climbing the waterfall in 5 then 6 throws is very tight. If you drop any height during the throws you'll need to do another team throw in each section.
  • At 0:32 you need to be close to the edge and team throw at the peak of your jump to make Kiddy bounce off the next platform.