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A large list of version differences

Donkey Kong Country


  • Killing enemies can lag the game for 1 frame.
  • J cannot skip fanfare, which results in about 52 seconds lost for all stages versus perfectly timed skips.


  • Kong speed is different in PAL which makes some slight improvements possible (landing on the tree from 1-2 bonus), but makes some tricks harder (rope skip in Tempest).
  • The superjump storage in Millstone Mayhem does not work (haven't tested other levels).
  • There are slightly different enemy and item locations and timing of enemy movement patterns in many stages between J and U. Most of these have minimal time impact.
  • Mini necky clipping does not work in J


  • VC has faster transitions than SNES/Emu meaning it has less black frames and is faster overall.


1.0 is the Recommended version for pretty much every category.

  • Fanfare Skip does not work on 1.2, which results in about 52 seconds lost for All Stages versus perfectly timed skips.
  • The Mine Cart Madness air roll glitch does not work on 1.2. (U-1.0/1.1 and J-1.0 only)
  • Map Warp does not work on 1.2.
    • In All Stages, 1st try Map Warp saves roughly 16-17 seconds over an "optimal" Orang-utan Gang. The break even point is somewhere around 11-12th attempt.

There is a 1.0 exclusive wrong warp to the midway barrel of Torchlight Trouble. (aka Old Summon warp. All versions can warp to the beginning of Torchlight, as seen in 1.1 Old Summon)

Starting the game with a funky plane to save 72 frames is only possible on 1.0.

  • VC is always 1.2 for both U and J versions

Donkey Kong Country 2


  • In J, Bramble Scramble has far less bees in the final bee gauntlet, making this section slightly faster over English versions.
  • This trick in Hornet Hole isn't possible on U 1.0 since you can't move out of the bonus while falling.
  • In J, Haunted Hall has one less bee to jump over, which makes the level easier and ever so slightly faster.
  • You cannot do the D-boost after halfway in Windy Well on U 1.0 since the camera will not follow your Kong.


  • VC has faster transitions than SNES/Emu, meaning it has less black frames and is faster overall.


  • The main difference for speedrunning is that 1.0 cannot use most wrong warps, as they softlock the game.
  • Krow, Kreepy Krow and King Zing Sting all move slower in 1.0, making the fights slower overall.
  • 1.0 has a glitch that allows you to do an infinite amount of jumps by throwing up and jumping at the same time your partner returns to you. There are no practical uses for this in an Any% run.
  • 1.0 allows you to take a moving barrel out of bounds. This makes the Fiery Furnace zip in 102% possible.
  • VC is always 1.1

Donkey Kong Country 3


  • J Version 1.1 for Any% is the fastest version currently due to skipping Bleak. For 103% the fastest version is U.
  • This is a pastebin (pre-Bleak skip) but potentially useful for timings--> notable differences and timings between U and J.
  • Kaos Karnage - Japanese cannot begin team throw hovering above Kaos after jumping on top of his head, resulting in a much slower fight.
  • For reference, a 2-cycle using team throw hovering on English is approximately half a minute faster than an optimal fight on Japanese (assuming no "team up jumps" are performed).
  • Rocket Barrel Ride - The last set of Buzzes move differently between versions, allowing English to avoid needing a damage boost or the ledge on the right to get through.
  • Tracker Barrel Trek - A set of Buzzes (after the N, before the G) are more easily avoided (with two barrel shots) on Japanese.
  • Tearaway Toboggan - The barrel that shoots you towards the flag post at the end shoots you farther on Japanese.
  • Bleak's House - Bleak can be skipped with a frame perfect pause, but it only works on Japanese, as you can't pause after you die on the U version.
  • Pot Hole Panic - The first of the two Booty Birds that appear before the Engarde box is at a lower position on English and can be avoided by flying over, rather than shooting Potholepanic.png.
    • The Booty Bird at the end of the stage is positioned further back on Japanese, and the Kuchuka above its location only exists on English.
  • Creepy Caverns - The ghost barrel that shoots you towards the Koin shoots you at a lower trajectory on Japanese, making it much easier to enter the ghost barrel behind the Koin on its first spawn.
  • In other words, if the ghost barrel behind the Koin is an optimal spawn, Japanese will reach it much more easily than English.
  • Criss Kross Cliffs - Additional red Buzzes exist throughout the stage on Japanese, making team-up throwing to skip sections without taking damage not possible.
  • Knautilus - On English, the first electricity spawn during Baron K. Roolenstein's last phase always spawns on the right, and when the game is paused, the electricity spawns will continue moving.


  • VC has faster transitions than SNES/Emu meaning it has less black frames and is faster overall.

v1.0/v1.1 (Japanese only)

  • Squeals on Wheels - In the Warpless category, there's a much faster way to clip through the steel door leading to the flagpole in 1.0 than in 1.1.

How to recognize what version I have?

Pretty simple; check the back of your cartridge:

  • Only Number = 1.0
  • Number + A = 1.1
  • Number + B = 1.2

Here's an example: 40A