Orang-utan Gang

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Vine Valley
Level name Orang-utan Gang
Previous level Temple Tempest
Next level Clam City


  • 101%: 6/10
  • No Jumproll/Mapwarp: 4/10
  • Jumproll no Mapwarp: 3/10
  • Mapwarp: spoon/10

All Stages

Level Preface

  • All Stages currently uses the map warp in World 1 to skip the majority of Orang-utan Gang. After beating Temple Tempest, simply go to Funky's and travel back to World 1, then perform the warp. You do not need to leave Funky's barrel.

No Jumproll/Mapwarp


  • This stage is awesome.
  • Holding Y while entering this stage starts your roll automatically

Jumproll No Mapwarp


  • If you have DK already, just swap before you leave the trees and make sure you get hit in the same spot.
  • It's much easier to time by running from the right than waiting at the left.
  • This jumproll wastes a lot of time if you fail. It's also easy to die while attempting it. Not recommended as anything but a backup strat.
  • It is possible to run past the frame of the jumproll, making it impossible to get. To have a better chance, you'll need to start walking shortly before you hit the Klap Trap.



  • Dying in this stage loses a lot of time, so spend a bit practicing the last few seconds, as it is very frustrating to die here.
  • Map Warp is 1 frame. You can mash A, B, X, Y, and Start (don't use Start). Use the corner in the video, as the other corners take you different places.
  • The common method for mashing is to slide back-and-forth over all four face buttons rapidly. Make sure to press down firmly so that all buttons are pushed down far enough.
  • If you prefer not to lose your runs in world 3, simply press 3 different face buttons quickly as you get close to the corner the mapwarp is done. Once you get the timing down, you should rarely get any more than first try.
  • This is roughly 10 seconds faster than the jumproll route.




  • This is the first stage started in World 3. Boss 2 is skipped to save time, as regular bosses don't count towards the completion percentage.
  • Mapwarp only where shown in the video, as other corners take you to different locations.
  • At :23, you have to load the Manky on screen so he throws the barrel. If you go to far to the right after loading him, you will have to do it again. Wait a little bit so the barrel he throws isn't in your way.
  • After the bonus at :58, hold right, Y, and B after the bonus music stops, and Expresso will jump when you exit the bonus. The timing is very lenient.
  • At 1:03, if you break open the bonus door too quickly, it will close as it hasn't been properly loaded. Don't take the corner too quickly and you should avoid it.