Clam City

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Vine Valley
Level name Clam City
Previous level Orang-utan Gang
Next level Bumble B Rumble


  • Optimal: 5/10

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  • Holding Y does not make you swim faster.
  • Both kongs swim at the same speed and ride Enguarde at the same speed.
  • Counting and being consistent with the angles of your lunges is crucial to becoming consistent at this stage. If not, it can be very easy to lose your fish.
  • If you try and lunge too soon with Enguarde after lunging previously, nothing will come out (dropped lunge). To prevent this, plinking both the B and Y buttons for each lunge gives you a better chance of not dropping your lunges and getting the optimal timing. Optimal lunges go a long way in this stage.
  • Before you mount Enguarde, be sure to stop your moment to the left. Otherwise you will move left slightly after mounting him.
  • If you are going for the dismount strat at the end of the stage there are 2 ways of doing it. One is to cut the corner leading up to the final section and do every lunge optimally and the other is to simply do every lunge sub optimally - either will set you up nicely for the dismount at the end. Doing every lunge optimally but dropping a lunge will be the equivalent of doing every lunge sub optimally, so it will still work out. Where this strat becomes difficult is the in between - if all of your lunges are just slightly sub optimal, you won't be positioned correctly for the ending and will likely bonk. It just takes practice.
  • Alternatively, you can set up a lunge through the Clambo at the end. However, this strat is arguably more difficult and slightly slower. Visuals for this can be found below.
  • Lunging through the final section and simply lunging above the final Clambo is recommended if all else fails.

Corners Visual


Croc Route Visual


Clam Clip Visual

Clam3.png Clam4.png