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IL Charts/Nico Communities

TAS videos


SNES Game Saver

If you're using a SNES to practice any of the DKC games (1-2) and you have a NakiTek Game Saver you will use the code 20000. Please note that if you're trying to use it with DKC3 the Game Saver does not work.




Practice Hacks

Made by Total. These work as alternatives for a gamesaver if you use a flashcart.

Info : If you use the Save State function on the Practice Hack, your 102/103 Save will be lost (Issue with the 0.10 hack itself). To prevent that, you can slide the switch on the side of your SD Card to the bottom position. This will prevent any data to be written on the card and the Save State function will still work, keeping your save file intact.

Leaderboard Edit Tutorial

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