Misty Mine

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Chimp Caverns
Level name Misty Mine
Previous level Manic Mincers
Next level Loopy Lights


  • Safe (Superjump): 2/10
  • Optimal: 9/10
  • Super Jumproll: 6/10
  • 101%: 10/10

All Stages

Newbie Route (Superjump)

  • Very slow alternative if you're having a really tough time with the level.

Safe Route

  • This route avoids some tough rolls, risky jumps underneath the snakes, and the very precise jump over the very last pit at the end.
  • You'll need to tap left for a moment to hit the third Army when doing the normal roll at the end.

Optimal (no SJR)


  • At :08, make sure you roll early before reaching the edge where the rope is. Rolling on the edge will cause you to teleport back to the rope. On this stage, it can actually cause you to clip out of bounds and die, too.
  • This level is full of walls and Dumb Drums that you can get stuck on. It takes quite a bit of time to get the feel of good movement down in this stage. Heavy practice is recommended.
  • The roll at :19 is tight. Too early and you grab the TNT barrel; too late and your roll dies as you hit the ground, causing you to get hit.
  • The jump at :56 is quite difficult and nerve-wracking during a good run. Don't feel bad about opting for the safer jump if you're on a good pace.

Optimal (Super Jumproll)


  • To do this SJR, you must release Y within 5 frames after pressing it while holding B, tap Y again to extendo off the snake, then press and hold it when you are over the ledge that you started on.
  • If done correctly, you will roll through a third snake to get a faster SJR. (Hitting the fourth one is effectively TAS only.)
  • Release B when the first banana after the halfway barrel touches the left side of the screen. If you missed the third snake, you'll have to release earlier.

When to release B


  • If you happen to get the slow SJR, refer to the video above (or the image below) to know where to release B.





  • This video has commentary explaining a couple things. Input display should also help



  • Keeping the TNT barrel can be tricky and is the only way to open the bonus. Practice jumping over the klaptraps so it doesn't seem terrifying.
  • You don't gain control of your Kongs in the last bonus until about half way through the bonus, so you have to let go of the dpad, jump and then hold right.

If you try to hold right and jump you'll only jump through the last barrel.

  • The jump at 1:15 is really precise. Too early you will fall in the pit and die. Too late and you will hit the army and die