Misty Mine

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Chimp Caverns
Level name Misty Mine
Previous level Manic Mincers
Next level Loopy Lights


  • SFR: 4/10
  • Super Jumproll: 6/10
  • No Major Skips: 10/10

All Stages

Optimal (SFR)


  • With 4 baddies, the SFR is slightly slower than the SJR (1.5s - 2.5s), but significantly faster than playing the level normally.
  • When you Super Jump, hold B and Y, bounce off the snake and hold right which will cause you to grab the rope. if you got the Instabounce, the game will eat your next Y input. You will need to let go of Y and repress it at some point in the air, or press down to crouch after you land on the can
  • Careful not to bump off the wall as you rise so you don't lose speed.
  • Visual cue if you hit 4 idiots is the snake can after the large gap after halfway. If you get 3 idiots it's the snake can right before the gap.

Alternative SFR Setups


  • This is a slightly different setup that is less precise at a small time cost.
  • You don't lose your extendo in an SFR state, so you store your snake boost to release after you corner.


  • Tutorial for an easy and consistent SFR. Start with this as your basic setup
  • Holding left and rolling immediately off the can cuts out a lot of waiting time compared to other setups


  • Slower than other setups.
  • Easier and is a guaranteed 3 idiot roll.

Optimal (SJR - 4 Snakes)


  • Once you take damage to set up the Super Jump, you will need to move to the left of the snake, then back to the right, then back to the left again to set up the camera in such a way that you can hit the 2nd snake earlier.
  • To do this SJR, you must release Y within 5 frames after pressing it when initiating the Jumproll, while also continuing to hold B to keep your Super Jump stored.
  • When initiating your Extended Roll through the 2nd snake, it is absolutely crucial that you start moving to the right before you do the Y tap, otherwise you will not be able to get all 4 snakes no matter what.
  • The repress for the extendo after the 2nd snake is shortly after you're over the left ledge.
  • Release B when the left side of the screen ends up between the 2nd and 3rd bananas near the last DK barrel that's floating over a pit (see video). If you missed the 4th snake, you'll have to release earlier.

Newbie Route (Super Jump)


  • Very slow alternative if you're having a really tough time with the level.

No Major Glitches/No Major Skips



  • At :07, make sure you roll early before reaching the edge where the rope is. Rolling on the edge will cause you to teleport back to the rope. On this stage, it can actually cause you to clip out of bounds and die.
  • This level is full of walls and Dumb Drums that you can get stuck on. It takes quite a bit of time to get the feel of good movement down in this stage. Heavy practice is recommended.
  • The roll at :18 is tight. Too early and you grab the TNT barrel; too late and your roll dies as you hit the ground, causing you to get hit. Starting your roll as far away from the ledge, while also not grabbing the TNT barrel makes this roll consistent
  • The jump at :54 is quite difficult and nerve-wracking during a good run. To make this jump a lot easier, simply release d-pad for an instant as soon as you see the final Army spawn.