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What is Lua?

Lua is a programming language that is built-in to many emulators. It is used primarily for TASes, but has many applications. The ones provided here work for Snes9x rr only unless otherwise specified. If you have any ideas for future Lua scripts, contact Kipples_ or Rainbowsprinklez.

How to Use

Download and unzip the file where you'd like. In Snes9x rr v1.51, go to File>Lua Scripting>New Lua Script Window. From here, hit browse and navigate to the .lua file you unzipped. Finally, hit run! You should notice white numbers/letters appear at the top of your screen!

Download snes9x here! First one! [1]

DKC1 Scripts

Bizhawk Scripts

This script shows the hitbox of each entity as well as various other information! The 5 categories shown here from left-to-right are: id, x speed, y speed, x position, and y position. All values shown on-screen are in hexadecimal.

Wiki array+hitbox.png

Download the Lua script by Amaraticando and RainbowSprinklez here!

Useful (outdated but still OK) scripts

First up is a timer. Starts when you press L and ends when you press R. It clears when you load a save state. AND it could be used for any SNES game, not just DKC1. This only works on Snes9x rr.

Next we have an upgraded timer for you. This will show you your best. Also compatible with any game, this works exactly the way the other one does.

This is pretty special. This lua script makes you invincible to ANYTHING. However, there is a catch. The L button turns this feature on while R turns it off. It is useful off in practicing SJRs.

Fun Scripts

Inspired by Pichi's "cursed cart", this script enables X to fly! Enjoy!

DKC2 Scripts

To use these scripts, you will need a special snes9x emulator. Visit snes9x-rr and download "" (latest version when this was written). To use, save the text from the below pastebins to a .txt file then change the extension to .lua. Then simply open the rom, go to File-> Lua Scripting-> New Lua Script Window and load the script!