Forest Frenzy

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Vine Valley
Level name Forest Frenzy
Previous level Tree Top Town
Next level Temple Tempest


  • Optimal: 7/10
  • Safe: 1/10
  • No Major Skips: 4/10

All Stages

Super Free Roll (SFR) Tutorial (Primary Strategy for This Stage)


  • Despite the name "Super Free Roll," the variation for the SFR in Forest Frenzy is in fact not free.
  • This is a more consistent alternative to the Super Jumproll (SJR described below), which is frame perfect
  • The tradeoff is that the SFR setup is also quite tricky to perform and loses a little bit of time compared to the SJR.
  • A pause buffer is used to try to line up the correct position before walking into the Krem.
  • Pay close attention to the correct pause timing in the tutorial. If you pause on the correct frame, you can simply walk off the ledge without holding Y and successfully get the Super Jump storage.
  • If you pause late, you will need to unpause while holding Y and pretty much immediately release Y upon unpausing.
  • If you are early on the pause, you will need to walk off the ledge and release forward on the dpad the moment you leave the ledge
  • If you don't see Diddy jump off the top of the screen after taking damage, you did not get the correct positioning while taking damage.
  • Once you initiate the Super Jump and begin heading towards the rope, be sure to release and repress Y for a short moment. Depending on how you bounced on the Krem, your next roll input may get eaten and this ensures that will be prevented.
  • The dismount from the rope is also tricky. You can't have too much downwards momentum from climbing down the rope as you dismount, or else you will shoot down into the pit. Instead, try to climb down to the bottom of the rope, then dismount once you have lost all of your downwards momentum.
  • You also want to dismount when the rope is as far right as possible, to increase your chances of landing on the ledge.
  • If you fail the setup, you can still attempt the SJR
  • The SFR loses ~0.3s over the SJR if you do the Instabounce method, or ~1.3s over the SJR with no Instabounce.

SFR with Instabounce


  • This strategy differs from the tutorial above in that you kill the first Krem and leave the DK barrel where it is initially to set up a trick called the Instabounce.
  • This saves ~1s over not doing the Instabounce, but it can be risky.
  • Doing this method for the Instabounce requires you to let go of the dpad and slow down for a moment prior to reaching the rope - otherwise you'll pass straight through the rope rather than grabbing it.

First Krem SFR


  • This strat saves ~3.5 or more seconds over the 2nd Krem SFR with Instabounce described above due to not needing to wait as long for the Krem and also not needing to pause and unpause.
  • Similarly to the standard 2nd Krem SFR, position yourself at the ledge with a neutral roll and time when you walk off the ledge to get the Super Jump storage. The timing for this is very difficult and is the reason people don't usually go for this strat.
  • This video also features a faster dismount from the rope, allowing you to roll through the Krem afterwards immediately. It's worth noting that this can be performed with any variation of the SFR.

Optimal 4 Baddie SJR

This Super Jumproll can be used as a backup, but is not recommended as a main strat since the time save is not enough to justify the consistency you lose compared to the SFR. Look at the section just before this one for the SFR.


  • Get hit by the Kremling at 0:14s while Diddy is hugging the wall. This sets up the Super Jump glitch
  • Let go of Y as you're going up there to not grab the DK barrel instantly. This prevents the kremling from dying
  • You'll want to do a double jump on the rope just after the bee to properly get the SJR. Both jumps are needed on the rope to execute the trick.
  • After you take damage on the Kremling the Super Jump activates. This means you cannot let go of B anymore or you will lose it.
  • Run until the edge of the platform and press Y just as you hit the kremling This is a frame perfect window and you need to do this while holding B
  • After you press Y the Super Jumproll activates and you instantly turn left to kill the back Kremlings for speed.
  • If you are late on the Y press you will get a normal Super Jump (complete the level like the safe version) if you're early, you will die.
  • After you kill the Kremlings for speed go back right and continue until the 7 yellow bees at 30s. You will want to release the buttons on the controller just after the 6th bee (see the input display)
  • This trick saves 18s or so over safe route. Being late and getting the Super Jump is 2s slower than the safe route.

Safe Super Jump


  • To do the Super Jump: get hit by the Kremling while Diddy is still next to the wall. This will cause him to jump to the top of the screen.
  • Grab the barrel and retrieve Diddy. You may pick it up before you actually see Diddy jump up all the way. This is fine.
  • Ride the rope to the next platform and run Donkey into the next Kremling. As soon as he gets hit, hold down B+Y.
  • Fall straight down and then immediately walk off the platform onto the next Kremling.
  • You will grab the rope if you do not touch the ground before bouncing
  • This will start the Super Jump.
  • You will pass by a swarm of bees, the halfway barrel, a rope, a DK barrel and then a Kremling. When this Kremling reaches the left edge of the screen, let go of B. Do not let go of Y or right at all.

No Major Skips


  • At :35 you will want to begin infinite rope climbing (hold down on d-pad while mashing jump) right before you reach the bee. If you attempt this any earlier, you will jump into the bee. This sets up what is known as "rope skip," which is by no means anything major, so you don't need to sweat it my dude, it's cool. I swear. Once the rope stops, you will want to jump off it and hold Y as you fly to the next rope. As soon as you grab the next rope you'll want to immediately jump off of it towards the next rope after that.