Temple Tempest

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Vine Valley
Level name Temple Tempest
Previous level Forest Frenzy
Next level Orang-utan Gang


  • Optimal: 8/10
  • Safe (SFR): 5/10
  • Safe (Expresso): 3/10

All Stages



  • Try to jump off of vertical ropes as early as you can. You don't have to wait for vertical ropes to come to a complete stop to jump off of them, you just need to wait for them to become slower than your running speed, so that you can jump away from them.
  • The extendo through the millstone just after halfway at 0:22 (Fathlo Extendo) is pretty difficult and will kill your run if you mess it up (saves ~0.7s). Alternatively you can roll through the krems and jump over the millstone. This extendo can be made more consistent with Float Storage though. To perform this roll with Float Storage, get close enough to the Krems to spawn all 3 of them, then max jump (and continue to hold B until you're ready to jump out of the roll). You want to roll through the first Krem while holding Y, then release Y as you roll through the 2nd Krem. Once you're about to roll through the 3rd Krem, repress Y, but make sure to release it once more before rolling through the 3rd Krem. Finally, repress Y once your roll is about to end to get the last extension and make it over the gap with the millstone Gnawty.
  • The roll over the bee at 0:28 is consistent as long as you don't roll from too far left.
  • The omega extendo at 0:33 is very difficult. Watch the breakdown in the video linked in the section below for a detailed breakdown of how to do this trick.
  • The roll over the gap onto the tire at 0:43 requires Float Storage to clear consistently. This only saves a handful of frames but isn't too difficult.

Omega Extendo Breakdown


  • Go to 6:22 in the video to see a detailed breakdown of what inputs to do for this extended roll

Safe (SFR)


  • Quite a bit slower than optimal, but some find it easier and more consistent. Loses a few seconds to an optimal Temple Tempest though.

Safe (with Expresso)


  • Expresso is very straightforward. Jump in the right places and mash B at a steady rhythm in the air to flap.
  • The first bonus is bugged, and may lock you out or even warp you to 1-1 if you roll very late or get hit by the first Necky. It's very easy to avoid, though. Just make sure to roll as soon as possible.
  • You want to jump before the last Necky to quickly land on the Expresso crate. There are 9 total, so you can count the hits and jump after 8 of them.
  • This route loses 5+ seconds over an optimal stage.