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Category Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
Category Names Reverse Boss Order, RBO
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Description and Rules

  • Defeat all the world bosses in reverse order, then defeat K. Rool to beat the game.

Pichi's 30:38 with technical commentary

Pichi's original 30:38 recording

Additional Notes

  • This is the hardest category to complete in the game! You can softlock in many sections, forcing you to reset, and the warps are very difficult, so it is *strongly* recommended to run all stages/101% for a long while before trying to pick this up.
  • This guide assumes you are familiar with the speedrun, and is just a more detailed explanation of the tricks. Watch the original recording when needed to reference the movement at your own pace.
  • The beginning of the speedrun up to the World 6 boss is identical to any%.
  • This route only works properly on 1.0 (U) version of DKC1. You need a slightly different route to run 1.1, but the fundamentals are the same. 1.1 requires you to play an extra half of a stage, so it's slower, but makes one certain warp easier. You can watch Fathlo23's 32:28 PB for an example of that route here.