Jungle Jinx True Ending

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  • Throwing a barrel at the guy at 0:35 somehow causes less lag frames when later damage boosting.
  • At 0:47, camera has to go extra right of the barrel before going into it to load the tires.
  • 0:52 is short hop left, short hop left, full jump right.
  • At 0:53 you release the hover without letting go of right to bounce on the tire.
  • When you roll off the ledge at 0:55, you must touch the ground before jumping or else get a goal fanfare. This setup allows you to hit the goal soonest.

Diddy Ending

  • 0:41, Diddy Scrolly scroll
  • Diddy route is 1 second slower, but saves ~2 seconds in Kannon's Klaim from starting with 2 kongs before da big boi + being able to goal swap