Klobber Karnage 102

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  • This video is outdated and I recommend you watch the True Ending video instead, except instead of doing what the True Ending video does, go into the bonus at the end.

Leftover Klobbers (2nd Invis)

  • Stun the first TNT klobber and land just barely on its left side while facing right as shown on the picture. The objective is to spawn the second TNT klobber just to the right with an ID of 2, and the black Klobber further right with and ID of 1.
    • The klobbers' barrels have their own separate ID's from the klobbers themselves, which only gain an ID when they pop out of their own barrel. The first TNT klobber spawns with a barrel ID of 0 and a klobber ID of 1. This means that you want to spawn the second TNT klobber just before the first TNT klobber retreats in its barrel after you stunned it (losing its ID), and only spawn the black klobber after the first TNT klobber has finished retreating, so that it can gain the ID of 1.
    • IMPORTANT: if the ID's are wrong, the clash itself will not work! The ID's the Klobbers end up getting assigned affects the frame you can get an invis from the second TNT Klobber. If you're doing everything correctly but still not getting the invis, consider adjusting this initial movement to make sure every klobber is getting the proper ID assigned.

LK - Landing spot.PNG

  • Next, make your way down to the right and hit the second TNT klobber with the first one. You can do a small wiggle to give yourself more time later to get the proper positioning, but make sure the TNT klobber doesn't move from its original spawn position.

LK - TNT Klobber stun.PNG

  • Move to the left and stun the black klobber close to the left wall, you will want to land just left of it while facing right.

LK - Black Klobber Landing.PNG

  • Hold left immediately after grabbing the black klobber and hug the left wall, making sure that Dixie is still facing right (the farther left you land and the sooner you start holding left, the better your chances at still be facing right). At this point, Dixie's position and the TNT klobber's position should be completely normalized and consistent (Dixie X = 9144/0, TNT Klobber X = 9280).

LK - Wall hug.PNG

  • From here, start holding either up or up-left on the dpad and release and quickly repress Y to throw the klobber to the right. You want to hold up/up-left for at least a few frames after starting the throw, then switch to up-right.
    • You can use a jump to be able to throw the klobber sooner. Press B, and immediately after that you can start releasing and repressing Y and do all the other inputs that follow.
  • After the frame shown in the next picture, switch to down-right:

LK - Hold down.PNG

  • Soon after starting to hold down-right, perform a buffered roll. There's a 12-frame window for this one.
    • If you get a slow roll here, it's a consequence of releasing Y for too long at the moment of the throw. Rolling later within the 12-frame window can adjust this though, allowing you to release Y for more time during the throw.
  • If you did everything correctly, you should get the invis off the klobbers.