Klobber Karnage True Ending

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  • See Dna's breakdown of the invis setups below
  • Since optimal mudhole in True Ending ends with Diddy, swap to Dixie right away.

More Strats


  • You can grab the invis at any point where the barrels are rolling through each other, just make sure you're not early or late.
    • 1st Invis
  • Avoid going too far left while performing the setup as this'll cause the tnt klobber to explode at the end.
  • Avoid putting the tnt klobber too far right as you will agro the other tnt klobber.
  • Find visual cues you're comfortable with as this'll greatly improve the consistency.
    • 2nd Invis
  • After bouncing on the klobber u want to do the right-left wiggle in the video to setup the ids correctly
  • This bounce on the klobber has to be a tiny one, tap b to jump and don't hold B for the bounce itself.
  • If you fire the barrel but the ids were incorrect this will lead to death.
  • To tell if you got the correct ids you can fire into the first rotating barrel a bit further away to check your shot speed.