Tearaway Toboggan GBA

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA)
World name K3
Level name Tearaway Toboggan
Previous level Krevice Kreepers
Next level Barrel Drop Bounce




  • The video showcases the most optimal known route. As a general rule of thumb: you want to ride down slopes and jump up slopes whenever possible.
    • Note that when you're under the roof of a house, there's a small up slope that the video also jumps over when possible.
  • The corners of the roof can hit you. For safety you can choose to opt out of the jumps between enemies and houses at 0:17 and 0:48.
  • The pits with 3 Skiddas at 0:56 can be tricky to scale. In the video, A is pressed right before bouncing on the left Skidda to get a high bounce into the third Skidda. If you have enough speed, you can alternatively jump from the edge of the platform onto the third Skidda.
    • If you lost momentum, for example through getting hit, you may have to improvise to get past the pits with 2 and 3 Skiddas. The method shown in the video should work for the pit with 3 Skiddas in most cases.
  • Make sure to release the d-pad when being shot out of the barrel at 1:09. This will get you shot further.