Animal Antics

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name The Lost World
Level name Animal Antics
Previous level Fiery Furnace
Next level Krocodile Kore

Difficulty: 8/10



  • The wind is just a gimmick!

True Ending

  • Make sure to enter with Dixie in front
  • Don't hit red bees from the front in the first rhino section, causes literally centuries of lag.
  • Left right wiggle to cancel rambi charge and fall into the enguarde barrel.
  • Try to keep 2 kongs through the end of the parrot section after the first and only D-boost.
  • The short hop double jump at 1:49 will result in death if you let go of Y at any point in that section.
  • Chain the bounce off the last red bee as rattly into a true double jump with max height as you pass the rattly sign.