Creepy Caverns

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3
World name KAOS Kore
Level name Creepy Caverns
Previous level Konveyor Rope Klash
Next level Lightning Lookout


  • Safe: 6/10
  • Optimal: 8/10




  • The white barrels are random, which makes it a huge pain!



  • Bad luck can add 10+ seconds. This video focuses more on the platforming.
  • Note on ghost barrel RNG:
    • RNG is decided the frame you enter the level.
    • Not all ghost barrels have the same chances of giving perfect luck. As an example, the 3rd ghost barrel has a 66% chance of giving perfect luck, while the chances of the 1st ghost barrel giving perfect luck is much lower.
    • The worst possible luck for all the ghost barrels are 4-4-5-5-3-4 respectively. Keeping this in mind, you can preemptively jump into a ghost barrel if you're getting luck this bad.
  • At 0:29, you need optimal movement to reach the next ghost barrel before it disappears.
  • Remember to glide into the ghost barrel at 0:32 if it is facing the correct direction.
  • Getting in between the ghost barrel at 0:36 can be tricky. After leaving the barrel at 0:35, start a roll and do a tiny jump when Dixie is under the Banana bunch. Then, simply buffer a glide (glide at the peak of your jump).
  • The movement at 0:53 sets you up to skip a ghost barrel cycle. Positioning is quite precise, as alerting the 3rd green barrel too early will cause problems.
  • The ghost barrel at 1:08 can be reached if it is initially facing the correct direction. This is much more difficult on U than it is here, on J.



  • visualcues
  • For the last roll if u start the hover close to the ground you get a quick roll.