DKC3 103%

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How to achieve 103%

  • The Bonus coin cheat is forbidden. This means all bonuses must be completed in order to access every Krematoa stage.
  • You must collect all Bonus Coins, Banana Birds, and DK Coins.
  • Normally, you have to also collect 55 bear coins. These do not count towards percentage, but are required to buy two items that are necessary for Banana Birds. However, the wiki route assumes a Robbery in K3 to Razor Ridge 103 which allows you to buy the two items with as little as 50 bear coins. For safety, the wiki route will assume a 53 bear coin route.
  • This category is primarily run on the US version for many different reasons, many of which are detailed in Version Differences. Overall, the US version is about 30 seconds faster.
  • When running on the US version, the language you choose (English or French) does not make a difference in terms of timesave.