Doorstop Dash 103

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3
World name Lake Orangatanga
Level name Doorstop Dash
Previous level Lakeside Limbo 103
Next level Smuggler's Cove



  • Bear coin count: 3
  • Try to pull the levers as short as possible such that you're still able to make it under the steel door to save time.
  • If you're having trouble hovering over the bees at 0:18, you can also go under the bees.
  • As with the star bonus in Lakeside Limbo, the star bonus in this stage is one of the hardest in the game to optimize. Getting a slightly slower time is also perfectly fine.
  • Doing a rope jump right as you start climbing one saves a bit of time.



  • Hovering over the bees before midway saves approximately 0.3 seconds.
  • The alternative strat for the bonus is the same speed as the regular strat in the video above. Which one you use is up to personal preference.
  • The bee jump at the end of the stage is not recommended for beginners. Losing Dixie loses a lot of time at the start of Tidal Trouble.
  • For the bee jump, make sure you're only holding up when you grab the rope. If Dixie switches sides on the rope, you will not be able to jump over the bee.