Ice Age Alley

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Gorilla Glacier
Level name Ice Age Alley
Previous level Slipslide Ride
Next level Croctopus Chase


  • Optimal: 4/10
  • 101%: 6/10

All Stages



  • Losing the bird is a huge time loss, especially if it happens early. It's recommended to avoid getting the halfway barrel even as a beginner, as playing the level without the bird takes a very long time and is quite difficult.
  • Hold left and B to immediately jump as you enter the stage to jump over the first Mini-Necky's attack. If you hold Y, you will get hit by his attack.
  • You can clip through many other Mini-Neckys in the manner shown above. If you hesitate or slow down accidentally, you'll need to avoid them. The bug that causes them to be harmless only lasts for a short time after they spawn.

Newbie Super Jump Route

Noob method


  • Only use this if you are really struggling with Expresso. It is much, much slower.

Easier Setup

Reference Video:

- Level Start at 15:03 - Release B around 15:29 (aprox.)




  • Even more so then in All stages, losing the bird is terrible, you need her to reach the last bonus.
  • The beginning barrel boost section isn't to bad, the jump under the kremling is tight however, solid movement and you will reach the rope every time.
  • After the first bonus music fades out you can hold y b and right to jump out of the bonus in the air, allowing you to flutter over a big part of the stage saving quite a bit of time.
  • After exiting the second bonus, jump when you just started to go up the slope then briefly let go of the d-pad you will clear the barrel very easily, jump once more clearing the hill and the manky at the top.