Ice Age Alley

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Gorilla Glacier
Level name Ice Age Alley
Previous level Slipslide Ride
Next level Croctopus Chase


  • Optimal: 4/10

All Stages



  • Losing the bird is a huge time loss, especially if it happens early. It's recommended to avoid getting the halfway barrel even as a beginner, as playing the level without the bird takes a very long time and is quite difficult.
  • Begin the stage by holding left and Y (this is one of the few stages that will buffer your roll input), then jump just over the DK barrel shortly after. If you jump too soon you can expect to get nutted on by that Nasty Necky (Yea...)
  • You can clip through many other Mini-Neckys in the manner shown above. If you hesitate or slow down accidentally, you'll need to avoid them. The bug that causes them to be harmless only lasts for a short time after they spawn.

Newbie Super Jump Route

Noob method


  • Only use this if you are really struggling with Expresso. It is much, much slower.

Easier Setup

Reference Video:

- Level Start at 15:03 - Release B around 15:29 (aprox.)