Intro 103

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3
World name Overworld
Level name Intro
Previous level None
Next level Lakeside Limbo 103



  • When you're booting up the game for the first time, you will not be able to skip the intro. A second reset will fix this.
  • If you wait on the file select screen for too long before entering a game file, you will also not be able to skip the intro on the next reset, which may lose you some time after the first K. Rool fight. To be safe, always do an extra reset before starting your file if you've been idle on the file select screen.
  • The Wrinkly skip in 103% is different from the one in Any%. At the fourth textbox, press B and then left a few frames after. This will make the game think you've saved without actually having saved.
  • If you got Wrinkly skip, you'll hear the ding sound from saving and Dixie will instantly walk out of Wrinkly's save cave afterwards. If the trick fails, Dixie either walks out without the ding sound, the game saves as normal, or there'll be about a second delay before the game proceeds to save as normal.
  • It is necessary to either save normally or perform Wrinkly skip. Otherwise, after you enter Wrinkly's save cave at the end of the run, the game will not proceed to the final cutscene.
  • If you see the save screen at all, the game has saved and you need to replace the game file with a fresh one.
  • A slow Funky mash is a bigger time sink than it seems (only mash B at the text boxes).
  • It is possible to skip the first funky textbox with a B press at the right frame during the fade-in.