Jungle Hijinxs GBA

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country GBA
World name Kongo Jungle GBA
Level name Jungle Hijinxs
Previous level None
Next level Ropey Rampage GBA



Notice: In DKC GBA, B is roll and A is jump. Just wanted to clear that up for any runners coming from SNES who may be confused when seeing these inputs referred to rather than Y and B.


  • Diddy will not be used until 1-4. Donkey's speed is a couple speed units slower than Diddy's, so it's faster to just use Donkey here
  • During the warp cutscene, you can either mash A to advance to the next screen, or you can buffer the A input shortly before the screen becomes fully visible (black border has fully expanded) to advance the screen as quickly as possible.
  • You can buffer a roll at the start of the warp zone by holding B as it fades in, but timing the jump out of this roll can be tricky.
  • There are no "fast exits" in these warp rooms like in DKC2 or for similar exits in DKC1. Instead you just want to roll into the exit zone as normal, making sure that the end of your roll touches the end zone to get the most out of your roll.
  • All future warp barrels will work the same as this
  • There is no known way to skip fanfare, so get ready to donkey down

Note: This video was recorded on mGBA without the GBA BIOS, so the load times are faster than a typical run of this stage