Torchlight Trouble

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Gorilla Glacier
Level name Torchlight Trouble
Previous level Croctopus Chase
Next level Rope Bridge Rumble


  • Optimal: 7/10
  • Safe: 4/10

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  • Squawks causes quite a bit of lag, so using him is not recommended. It may help to use him to examine what the stage looks like at first, though.
  • The oil drums won't hurt Diddy if he lands on the right edge of them. This is abused pretty heavily in this stage, but also makes the platforming quite difficult in places.
  • Donkey cannot land on the oil drums safely on this stage at all (if you're Donkey, you're dead basically).
  • The strat at the very beginning is quite difficult. Make sure that you do a min height jump the moment you roll through the Klump and do a quick dpad release a moment afterwards so that you end up on the right lip of the oil drum. If you jump during the lag frames of rolling through the Klump, your jump will get eaten though.
  • The crawlspace zip on this stage is quite tricky. If you get a good jump but are still going backwards after zipping, try delaying your Y press a bit longer to make sure you get enough distance into the crawlspace to be more than halfway through.
  • Jumping and bonking your head immediately upon exiting the crawlspace from a zip saves a handful of frames, as it cancels the slow roll that you get early.



  • Using Squawks in this stage causes a disturbing amount of lag. It is highly highly recommended to not grab him.
  • Balancing your TV brightness so that stages like this and Loopy Lights are just visible is recommended.
  • To bounce backwards off Krusha and Klump, you'll need to turn around just before landing on them. It will take a bit of practice.
  • Be wary of the pit right after the Krusha that sits between the two oil drums near the end of the stage. It's easy to forget about.