Toxic Tower

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name K.Rool's Keep
Level name Toxic Tower
Previous level Chain Link Chamber
Next level Stronghold Showdown


  • Safe: 5/10
  • Optimal: 11/10
  • Insanity: 20/10






  • At 0:10, moonwalk to bounce off the kaboing to the higher platform.
  • At 0:17 is an Omega Double Jump. It is the TDJ that saves the most time in the level, as you skip going to the left entirely.
  • At 0:30 is another TDJ. (Saves ~.2s over SHDJ).
  • At 0:48, damage boost through the bee instead of taking the hidden path.
  • At 0:54, fly past the bee instead of waiting for its cycle. Afterwards, perform a moonwalk to load the upcoming red bee in such a way you can skip a cycle (Save ~.2s).
  • At 1:05, only kill the first 2 bees.
  • Only use 3 webs during the Squitter section

Emptysys Moonwalk Start

  • This strat lets you jump off of the first Kaboling instead of the second. This can save up to 40 frames or 0.6 seconds.
  • You have to hold A as do the first two short hops.
  • Repress B very quickly after the second short hop to not get owned by the Koboing or miss.



  • Use these strats only if your name is Kipples or you roll extremely deep.
  • At 0:04 do a moonwalk on left edge to get a better bounce into the snake barrel.
  • At 0:09 chain a SHDJ into an Omega TDJ (extremely precise).
  • For all snake jumps, only go just barely high enough to reach the next platform. Buffer in all your SHDJ's before you land and do the 2nd jump of your double jumps early.
  • 0:16 chain another SHDJ into an Omega
  • 0:23 do a TDJ instead of SHDJ to the barrel
  • 0:26 bounce on the bee before chaining a SHDJ into an Omega. The location this video initiates the Omega TDJ to climb the 'diamond of bees' saves 0.25 over the optimal video.
  • At 0:30, attempt to bounce INTO the bees instead of on top of. With precision you can save a ton of time on the bounces by keeping them low.
  • At 0:35 do a wiggle coming out of the barrel to both prevent you from drifting downward as you get going and to set up proper corners for the first few turns.
  • 0:47 go under the red bee to save a D boost for later. Requires an extremely precise angle and positioning, but if you miss, you simply end up d-boosting on the bee just like the normal 'optimal' route.
  • If the skip at 0:47 was successful, take the damage boost route you see at 0:58. This saves over 0.5 if you manage lag properly. Killing 1 bee in the 2 pack and 3 package of bees helps reduce lag.
  • At 1:02 just kill 1 bee.

Rattly Alternates

Juice SHDJs


  • This is a great route to learn this level, as it only uses Short Hop Double Jumps.
  • At 0:27, you need a perfect SHDJ to reach the barrel.
  • Note that the final SHDJ to reach the Squawks barrel is slower than taking the automatic barrel.



  • Map
  • The 2 jumps after the Rattly barrel are used for the Rattly moonwalk (shoutouts to thejuuuice). It makes the second Kaboing spawn in such a way that allows you to bounce onto him, to the above platform.
  • At 0:20 is an Omega Double Jump. It is the TDJ that saves the most time in the level, as you skip going to the left entirely.
  • At 0:28 is a True Double Jump (Saves ~.2s over SHDJ).
  • At 0:34 is another Omega TDJ. Make sure to time it right so you don't die to the bee (Saves ~.2s over SHDJ).