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Console Differences

Donkey Kong Land 2 is a Super Game Boy Enhanced game. When running on SGB2, the game will take longer to load. This can result in roughly 2-4 seconds gained per world for Any%. Game Boy Player or Game Boy Interface is recommended.

Map Movement

The first input after entering each world can be buffered.

  • For example, when selecting the file at the start, hold Jump or Run to buffer the entrance to both Gangplank Galleon and Pirate Panic
  • This will not work for each level afterwards, though. Only the first entrances of worlds

The Kongs will automatically move to the next level unless there is a Wrinkly or Funky space. If there is, the direction will need to be held.

Kong Movement

All movement properties are shared between Diddy and Dixie except for falling speed:


  • 25


  • 35


  • 35 (walk)
  • 40 (run)


  • 35
  • 45 (defeat 1 enemy)
  • 55 (defeat 2 enemies)


  • 35 (Dixie)
  • 30 (Diddy)

Bounce from stepping on an enemy

  • 30


  • 35


  • Run and short jump whenever possible
  • If there is an enemy, it is fastest to defeat it with rolling
  • Otherwise, avoid rolling, as releasing Run to start the roll is slower


  • Dixie can use her glide to cancel vertical momentum and take shortcuts. Because of this, Diddy is rarely used throughout the run, other than damage boosts
  • Dixie will halt when landing from a glide unless a roll is buffered
  • Dixie's rolling state lasts for 42F before dead roll. Rolling through an enemy resets this.
    • Unlike SNES, rolls which defeat enemies will dead roll too. Jump out of rolls to prevent this
  • When rolling from a ledge, Diddy's roll descends slower than Dixie's, but this doesn't have much practical use for now

Memory Addresses

0x1F0E: Speed (target)

0x1F10: Speed (fine)

Water Movement

Top speed in water is

  • Normal: 20
  • Ascent: 26

However, ascent while pressing down will be normal speed.

So in the water, hit A repeatedly as much as possible. Dixie or Diddy will bump against the ceiling and move.

Coaster Movement

Coaster Speed will vary depending on the level.

Target Terror

  • Normal: 43
  • Climb: 30
  • Descent: 47

Rickety Race & Krazy Koaster

  • Normal: 50
  • Climb: 35
  • Descent: 55

In the air, the speed will be the same as the terrain of the jump point.

As such, it is best to jump before climbing, and jump at the end of a descent before the track flattens out.

Jumping at the end of each track to gain boosts from descent terrain will be a 3-6F window. (faster speed = smaller window)

Animal Buddies

  • The Animal Buddy's Select moves can be buffered
  • Most of the Animal Buddy's normal movement speeds are shared with the Kongs



  • Normal: 30
  • Dash: 35
  • Super Dash: 63


  • Dash: 34F Duration
  • Super Dash: 37F Charge
  • Super Dash: 62F Duration



  • Normal: 35
  • Jump: 40
  • Dash: 35
  • Super Dash: 63


  • Dash: 24F Duration
  • Super Dash: 51F Charge



  • Normal: 25
  • Jump: 40
  • Super Jump: 40


  • Super Jump: 35F Charge



  • Normal: 35
  • Jump: 40



  • Horizontal: 35
  • Vertical:
    • Holding Up and pressing B will increase Squawks' vertical momentum to 44 Units (0x1F25)
    • Afterwards, this will immediately decelerate at 1 unit per frame


  • Speed is fixed for 19F while Squawks is attacking with an egg

Barrel Boost

Barrels that automatically fire upwards have a chance to launch the Kongs slightly higher. This is relevant in Kannon's Klaim. These extra boosts will allow Dixie to take small shortcuts by reaching the upper platforms. It's unknown what causes this, though, so be ready to react depending on if Dixie gets the shortcut.

Funny Shot

Barrels which can usually be aimed in eight directions have a 2F window where they can be fired in between, creating sixteen directions. These narrower angles are used in Barrel Bayou, especially, saving several seconds.

Lag & Camera

The camera will scroll slower when lag is generated. If the Kongs pass the bottom of the camera, they will lose a life as if it were a pit. Watch out for this in vertical levels such as Parrot Chute Panic, especially.

Other Memory Addresses

0x1F30: Invincibility Frame Countdown

  • When taking damage, this will start at 74 and lower at 1 per 2F
  • Freeze and poke this address to any value >0 for invincibility

0x02A4: Boss Value

  • This address is linked to miscellaneous things related to the bosses, such as:
    • King Zing I Frame Countdown (begins at 240, decreases 1 per 2F, ~8 seconds)
    • K. Rool's Attack Countdown (varies with each shot)

0x1F0F: Wind Speed / Air

  • Gusty Glade, Windy Well, etc.

0x1F13: State

  • 0 = Standing
  • 2 = Walking
  • 3 = Running
  • 4 = Roll
  • 5 = Jump Start, glides can be performed
  • 6 = Jump End, glides cannot be performed
  • 7 = Landing
  • 9 = Glide
  • 10 = Rope, still
  • 11 = Rope, climbing
  • 12 = Rope, descending
  • 13 = Rope, turning
  • 18 = Crouching
    • (there are many more)


DKL2 Practice Rom v2.1


  • Level Select
  • Kong Select
  • Star Barrel Toggle
  • Room Counter
  • Level Counter