Ice Age Alley GBA

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country GBA
World name Gorilla Glacier GBA
Level name Ice Age Alley
Previous level Croctopus Chase GBA
Next level Rope Bridge Rumble GBA




  • This is one of those stages where you can buffer inputs as you enter the stage (similar to ogang). As the screen starts to fade in, tap B then A. That way you'll roll and immediately short hop upon entering the stage.
  • Holding B does make you run faster as the Ostrich
  • You might want to use claw grip so you can hold B and mash A while flying as the Ostrich (index finger on B, thumb on A)
  • At the end it's faster to ditch the Ostrich and roll through the Klaptrap. Doing this followed by Jump Momentum Conservation saves ~10 frames



  • Requires less mashing
  • Hero mode was used to simplify recording on console. The strats remain the same as regular Any% regardless.