Krevice Kreepers GBA

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA)
World name K3
Level name Krevice Kreepers
Previous level Pacifica to K3/Razor Ridge or
Kroctopus Krush
Next level Tearaway Toboggan




  • The video assumes Dixie is in front upon entering K3. If Kiddy is in front, check 'more strats' for the fastest way to swap to Dixie.
  • Dixie can climb the horizontal ropes very quickly.
  • Rope jumps on vertical ropes can optionally be used to save extra frames.
  • At the end, try to roll towards the goal post when Dixie is already past the cliff to get a ledge roll. This will give Dixie some extra downwards momentum.



  • If Kiddy is in front, it is faster to still buffer a roll when starting the level. You can swap immediately after the roll.
  • By crouching right before Dixie lands on the rope and uncrouching after Dixie passes the last rope, you can also touch the goal post. This is about the same speed as the roll with extra downward momentum in the 'optimal' video, and slightly faster than a roll towards the goal post that was initiated too early.