Pacifica to K3/Razor Ridge

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA)
World name Overworld
Level name Pacifica to K3/Razor Ridge
Previous level Barbos' Barrier
Next level Krevice Kreepers or
Buzzer Barrage




  • You can warp to the boat if you pause and unpause the game after Pacifica. Make sure to swim away from the Pacifica entrance first. Otherwise you will not warp to the boat.
  • Scaling the waterfall at 0:12 is deceptively difficult. You'll want to hold only up until you're on top of it and you should be able to climb it.
  • You can do either K3 or Razor Ridge first. Ideally you want to have Dixie in front when entering K3, since she is faster in Krevice Kreepers, but having Kiddy in front does not lose a lot of time. For Buzzer Barrage either Kong can be in front.