Barbos' Barrier GBA

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA)
World name Pacifica
Level name Barbos' Barrier
Previous level Surf's Up
Next level Pacifica to K3/Razor Ridge


No second phase skip


  • Don't hold down at the start. You may accidentally sink into Barbos' hitbox.
  • Barbos's shell does not have a hitbox, only its body. Therefore Enguarde does not take a hit at 0:22 and 0:57.
  • The hitboxes of the Lurchins guarding Barbos are bigger than they seem, so the green Lurchins can hit them from further below than the visuals would indicate. This means you can usually stab them as soon as they rise above Barbos.
  • For the second phase, wait until the projectile is off screen, stab twice with Enguarde to get to the opposite side of Barbos and sink to the floor, while remaining close to Barbos.

With second phase skip


  • After the Lurchins from the first phase touch the floor, they retain a hitbox when they fall off screen. This can be used to clear the Lurchins guarding Barbos during the second phase early.
  • To get the fourth Lurchin to spawn during the first phase, make sure to not stab the second Lurchin until it is above Barbos' body.
  • At 0:18 be careful if the fourth Lurchin spawns between Enguarde and Barbos. The hitbox of the Lurchin is deceptively big, and you may accidentally kill it while attacking Barbos. For safety you can wait for the Lurchin to be out of your way before hitting Barbos, you usually have enough time.
  • To perform the second phase skip, you want the Lurchin to touch the floor close to the center of the screen. If Enguarde hits the Lurchin, it will always move downwards in a 45 degree trajectory. Try to make the Lurchin approximately hit the spots on the left or right wall indicated in the image below.
    • Note that Barbos is closer to the left side of the screen. So when bouncing a Lurchin to the right, you'll want to hit the wall a little higher. In 'Backups/Alternatives' an example is shown.

3GBA Barbos Lurchin bounce cues.jpg

  • The timing of moving down into the second phase with Enguarde is relatively precise. The camera will move down once Enguarde crosses the line indicated in the image below. Try to keep the Lurchin on the top of the screen. Once the Lurchin starts falling, you can cross the line with Enguarde.
    • If you moved too early or too late, the trick will not work. You can see examples of this below.
    • If the Lurchin is off-center, you may still be able to hit one Lurchin. An example of this is shown in 'Backups/Alternatives'.

3GBA Barbos camera shift cue.jpg

  • If done correctly, this saves approximately 17 seconds compared to not getting the second phase skip.

Examples of wrong timings with second phase skip


  • If you cross the line indicated above too early the Lurchin will despawn and you will have to do the second phase as normal.
  • If you cross the line too late, the Lurchin will have fallen past the Lurchins guarding Barbos and you'll have to do the second phase as normal.



  • You can also do the second phase skip with the third Lurchin that Barbos spawns. This gives you less time to set up, but can save a few seconds.
  • If you hit one Lurchin guarding Barbos for the second phase, you can wait in the bottom corner near Barbos with Enguarde to hit the second Lurchin. This loses approximately 6 seconds compared to hitting both. Still saves approximately 11 seconds from no second phase skip.