Surf's Up

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA)
World name Pacifica
Level name Surf's Up
Previous level Ripcurl Reef
Next level Barbos' Barrier




  • The autoscroller part is the most difficult part of the stage. There are not many safer strategies known, other than slowing down intentionally at some points.
    • Try your best to avoid getting hit, as this will get rid of all your momentum. It is typically better to slow down a bit on purpose than risk getting hit.
  • Typically, we want to ride down slopes as much as possible and avoid riding up slopes as much as possible.
  • For the bounces on the Buzzers starting at 0:10 you can just hold the A button until you land. You'll want to jump immediately upon landing in front of the two red Buzzers to get a bounce off them.
    • A safer alternative would be to let go of the jump button sooner after bouncing on the last Buzzer at 0:12 and grabbing the railing instead of bouncing on the red Buzzers from below. In this case, keep riding the railing as long as you can.
  • The section at 0:36 is very hard if you're on top speed. You can make this easier by intentionally riding the slope upwards a bit beforehand. An alternative is also shown in the video below.
  • Let go of the jump button after bouncing on the last Buzzer at 0:42.
  • At 0:48, it is slightly faster to jump into the autofire barrel while facing left than throwing the keg to the left.
  • The roll at 1:06 is buffered for a small speed boost.



  • You can jump between the elevated platforms near the end of the autoscroller. Make sure you do small enough jumps to not bonk against the sides of these elevated platforms. This will lose you some speed and the ending will be a bit different as a result.
  • Doing a buffered roll on the Knik-Knaks with Dixie is slightly faster than doing a normal roll through them.