Reptile Rumble

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country
World name Kongo Jungle
Level name Reptile Rumble
Previous level Ropey Rampage
Next level Coral Capers


  • Optimal: 6/10

All Stages

Safe Route


  • This strat avoids extendos and demonstrates a way to make sure you don't get hit going under the Kremling at the end of the stage.
  • Fast crawlspaces were not included in this video as a way to show more alternatives to the optimal route, but it is very highly recommended that you try them even if you're new.



  • Jump as soon as you are about to enter the crawlspaces in order to leap through them. Generally, you need to hold down while navigating through them to avoid crawling. However, holding down is not necessary for any of the crawlspaces in this stage.
  • Tap roll as soon as you are about to land during a fast crawlspace jump to zip to the other side. You will be zipped out to whichever side you are closest to, so you will need to jump far into the crawlspace to make it out the other end.
  • You'll have to do an extended roll off the snake if you want to make the roll over the bee. To do this, roll through the first snake while holding Y, then release Y before you roll through the 2nd snake. As soon as you roll through the 2nd snake, repress and hold Y.