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Category Details

Bonus Optimization!
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
Category Names 102%

Description and Rules

  • To achieve 102%, you must complete every stage and every single bonus in the game and visit all of the Kong NPCs at least once. The Kremcoin cheat in Pirate Panic is forbidden as it enables you to reach Krocodile Kore before K. Rool Duel, which saves a lot of time due to less credits being watched. Additionally, the cheat doesn't give you % you would normally get from completed bonuses.
  • The only DK coins that count towards 102% are the ones in The Lost World since they're rewards from bonuses, but it is commonly agreed upon that all 40 of them should be picked up.
  • The 1.0 version is preferred for this category due to a massive glitch in Fiery Furnace. In addition, the Japanese version is also preferred over the English version due to a small timesaver in Windy Well.


Antilles made a video tutorial for beginner/intermediate level players. Various strats are shown for each section, including legacy strats and variants for playing on 1.1, if that's all you have. The lessons taught in here would be good enough to get you to a sub-1:35 level.