K. Rool Duel

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country 2
World name The Flying Krock
Level name K. Rool Duel
Previous level Screech's Sprint
Next level Jungle Jinx
Previous level Screech's Sprint 102%
Next level Jungle Jinx 102%


  • Safe: 3/10
  • Perfect Throws: Ultra Instinct/10



Complete Video Guide


  • The only time saver in this fight is reducing the amount of time Krool stays in his suction animation.
    • Perfect throws can save up to 3 seconds, compared to sloppy throws.
  • Getting hit by any type of smoke in round 3 will have Krool wait a few extra seconds before he continues the fight, so avoid it.
    • You can get permanent "Blue Diddy" in this fight by team throwing over the blue smokes but intentionally getting hit with your primary Kong. Keep in mind this will waste 6 seconds, so avoid it on PB pace!
  • With Diddy, you can simply hold Y and left in the corner to avoid the entire final suction phase.



  • This is what to do if you are purple Dixie at the final phase.