Barrel Cannon Canyon GBA

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Level Details
Game Donkey Kong Country GBA
World name Kongo Jungle GBA
Level name Barrel Cannon Canyon
Previous level Coral Capers GBA
Next level Very Gnawty's Lair GBA




  • Getting the long roll after shooting out of the first barrel isn't really reliable, you just kind of get the long roll sometimes when going for the alternative optimal strat (see video below), so don't worry if you don't get it often.
  • At the end, do a very small roll to move fast enough to bounce on the Krem's head to get on the tree, then do a Ledge Roll to get a low enough trajectory to hit the next Krem on the way down. This saves ~0.1s over the alternative ending in the video below.

Optimal Alternative


  • The roll after landing from the barrel is the first instance of an Unrestricted Roll that we see. As long as you start the roll without running while starting it, you can do another roll out of it without needing to jump first.
  • Similarly to when shooting out of the first barrel in the stage, you can do an Unrestricted Roll after the final barrel in the stage as well. If you hold B while holding forward while shooting out of this barrel, you will slow down towards the end, so be sure not to use B to roll until you've landed or just before landing.

Note: This video was recorded on mGBA without the GBA BIOS, so the load times are faster than a typical run of this stage